Let us be Heard!

Please help UCP of Stanislaus and Tuolumne Counties and persons with disabilities, get what we deserve.

Please take time to read this article and to forward on to all of your friends, families and assist in spreading the word about what needs to change!


Reach out to your local Government Leaders

Here are lists of your local state senators and Assembly members for the State of California:

2015 Local CA State Senators

Local CA State Assembly members

Please utilize the following letters and send into your Senators and Assembly Members. Choose the letter that represents your local official and send them the letter.

Community Support Letter-AM-Adam Gray

Community Support Letter-AM-Kristen Olsen

Community Support Letter-Anthony Cannella

Community Support Letter-Cathleen Galgiani

Community Support Letter-Tom Berryhill

Community Support Letter-Electronic Version

Every Voice Counts!

Enclosed are other reports that also address the need for rate increaases and funding the programs in California that provide care for persons with disabilities.

A report prepared by the Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) is bluntly titled “On the Brink of Collapse: The Consequences of Under-funding California’s Developmental Services System.”


A letter from Senator Jim Bell requesting financial relief and support: Hope is to generate support from other senators and assembly members.

Senator Jim Beal Letter 2015