Connecting Your Business to Our Community!

All Bus Benches are assembled and regularly maintained by an experienced work crew made up of members of UCP of Stanislaus & Tuolumne Counties.

Bus Bench contracts are available in monthly, 3 month, 6 month, and 1 year year plans. There are various price ranges and discounts to meet your budget, and multiple bus bench rental discounts! For all bus benches there is a one-time production fee for each bus bench.

To acquire more information about pricing and availability, please contact:

UCP- Director of Development & Communications
4265 Spyres Way, #2
Modesto, CA 95356
Celise Krick
209.577.2122 x111

Mod ToyotaReasons Why to Advertise!


Affordability: The cost effectiveness of bus bench advertising is at the top of the pro column. Compared to other forms of advertising, cost per ad is pennies on the dollar. Just make sure to buy enough locations and ad time to make a difference.

Street-level placement: Bench ads are located at street level, making them ideal advertising mediums for both pedestrians and drivers in urban centers.

Geographic targeting: Unlike print or broadcast advertising, bus bench advertising can be targeted to specific geographic areas. Subsequently, geographic targeting can be used as the basis for targeting B2B or consumer demographics based on the bus ridership and foot traffic.

Route-based repetition: Ads that are located on a stationary bench leverage the power of repetition for people who pass by them one or more times in their daily routines.

Bus Bench Advertising not only promotes your business but also provides employment training and employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Bus Bench Advertising is ready and willing to assist you in fulfilling: “All your marketing needs.”