Who We Serve

UCP serves those with disabilities who have a desire and capability to work. Our vision is to assist those individuals to achieve their employment goal and offer them the ability to contribute to their local community.

Job Training

Job Training is a service provided by UCP employment services staff to individuals identifying the need to improve their skills in a particular employment field.  Training may take place in a group work crew setting or through individual placement.

Job Placement

Job Placement is a service provided by a UCP job developer assisting the individual to identify, seek, and obtain employment. The UCP employment services department has an 85% placement rate.

Job Coaching

Job Coaching is a service provided by UCP to aid a client with additional employer directed training and/or support for an individual on-the-job by providing employer-based training/support that eventually reduces significantly and/or is eliminated as designated for each individual.

Work Crews

Work Crews are opportunities available to individuals that need to develop their maturity and work ethic in the job place. This is a small group experience for a prescribed period of time with measurable objectives.

How Can I Get Involved?

We are always pleased to encourage members of the community to get involved with our agency. Here are a few simple ideas:

  1. Be an Employer – you may have positions open that our clients can fill and you will have a source of employees.
  2. Volunteer your time – you may have a special talent and want to work with people with disabilities to help them gain skills in order to better develop their ability to obtain employment.

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